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Salon Services

Prices are based upon weight and we will gladly weigh your pet upon first arrival.  All of our four-leggers receive Tearless Facials,  a General Shampoo, Protein infused coat conditioning, & lanolin, Vitamin E, & Aloe Finishing Spray. 


Shampoo~ services include bath, coat conditioner, nail trim, anal expression, ears  cleaned, finishing coat conditioning, with bows, bandana, or feather extensions.


Tidy~ services includes above mentioned shampoo services PLUS hygiene areas shaved (belly, hind end, paw pads, and underneath eyes) with light trim work of feet, head, ears and tail.


Clip~ service includes above mentioned shampoo and tidy services PLUS contour clip of your choosing.

pEE wEE Pups

up to 9 lbs.

Shampoo $31

Tidy          $45

Clip           $55



Mini Mutts

10-19 lbs.

Shampoo $37

Tidy          $52

Clip           $63



Dinky Dogs

20-39 lbs.

Shampoo $43

Tidy           $57

Clip            $74



Colossal Canines

40-69 lbs.

Shampoo $50

Tidy          $65

Clip           $90



Huge Hounds

70-99 lbs.

Shampoo $55

Tidy          $77

Clip           $110


Gigantic Giants

100 lbs. & up

Shampoo $65

Tidy          $100

Clip    $1.45 per lb.



 *Additional fees may apply for matts, temperment, or scissoring fees*

A La Carte Services or add-ons

Nail trims $12-$20     

 Nail Smoothing $10 

Paw prints photo package $10(prints are $5 additional)

 Whitening bath $5  

shampoo spa add-on $5 - $10

FurminatorTreatment $25-$40             

DeSkunk Treatment $10    

Toothbrushing $9        

Anals $15        

Additional Bandanas $2     

Nail Polish $10 

Twinkle Toes $15   

Flea Funeral $10  - $20 according to breed & infestation  

Pawdicure $25-$35 ( pads, nails trimmed & dremmeled, scissor feet)

Paw Pad Emollient $3     

Ears plucked $10          

Bow Application $2

Feather Extensions  $3       

Hair Dye $15-$25                        

Doggie Bling $6  

Bling Earrings   $3

 Medicated Bath $6   

Lavender Spa Package $5

Blueberry Spa Package $7.50

Hemp Happiness Spa   $12

Chalking $6   per color           

Sugar Scrub $4              

Yogurt Wash $3          

Oatmeal Rinse $4            

Hot Oil Treatment $5-$10   

Complete Doggone Itchy Package $15

( If you have any questions about services, please call us and we will be happy to help. )

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