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Please take some time read our policies and procedures.

Pre-Groom Etiquette:


To protect the health and well-being of all the pets and to secure our Doggie Daycare pets, we request that your pet be up-to-date on all vaccinations. We require confirmation from you on this and name of your vet upon first visit. This is also to ensure the safety of your pet in such an environment.


Please bring your pet in leashed to ensure safety. If you can't find yours or do not have one, we keep slip leads available by every door for your convenience. These are given back at drop off, it's just for safety getting into the salon and getting back out to your car.



Please be on time for your appointment. To guarantee your appointment runs smoothly, this is a key factor. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you are then marked as a no-show and will be asked to reschedule. Please call and let us know if you are running a few minutes late.



If you make an appointment, please keep that appointment. We understand emergencies may arise but we do require a 24 hour cancellation notice. This is to give plenty of time for us to fill your cancelled spot. We  reserve two hours for your pet's Clip and because we are cage free and work by appointment only, if you no-show, a Pet Stylist or Assistant will sit with no work which means no pay. We don't have dogs waiting in cages to be groomed as other salons may. For this reason, we charge a $30 no-show fee for this inconvenience.  After two no-shows, you will be placed on a pre-pay only basis. Please be courteous of our time as we are of yours. Thanks for understanding.


Please take your pet to do it's "business" before their appt. as they may naturally be nervous in a new environment with new people or new pets.  We do our best to provide your pet with a safe and comfortable atmosphere while they are getting "beautified" in a reasonable time frame, but if we have to stop and clean up a "business" mess, it takes valuable time away from this process. Conducting "business" before grooming may also save you possible "re-bath" fees ( up to 50% of your normal bath fee) associated with having to re bathe/blow-dry a pet who has had a "business" accident and gotten dirty.  We understand that Poop Happens, but please try not to let it happen here. PLEASE WALK YOUR DOG BEFORE DROP OFF.


Not to mention the obvious, Fanni in heat is a distraction for most males. What do you get when you cross an English Bulldog & a Shih tzu? Exactly! If we notice Auntie Flo is "visiting" we may ask you to reschedule. There is also a cleaning fee for this because the entire shop has to be disinfected if we don't catch it upon check in. You wouldn't go get a Brazilian during that time, please do not bring your pet in the salon while in heat.


Please don't bring  your fur baby in if it has any type of contagious skin issue, disease, fungus, or worms. If we identify such a problem, you will be asked to reschedule immediately until the problem has been treated and symptoms have subsided. We reserve the right to verify with your Vet office.


Post-Groom Etiquette


Pick your pet up on time after the service is completed. We tell you the pick up time at drop off. Although we take good care of your pet, a shorter stay with fewer dogs in the salon makes for a more relaxing environment for all. Similar to a restaurant having limited tables, we have limited space and it is likely that our next appointment is due in when your fur baby is due out. This limit on occupancy makes for a more pleasant atmosphere for our furry clients which is why pets prefer us over our corporate competition.


Need more time past your grooming appt. or need to drop off early? If you would like to extend the stay of your furry four-legger, we would be more than happy to add your pet to our daycare group. Grooming clients do receive a discount on daycare. Please let us know when dropping off.

You may bring personal items from home to make your four-legger's daycare experience more comfortable if you wish and they will be kept in an individualized suite for your convenience.


We hope you understand that like you, we have family and plans after we leave the shop. We give a 15 minute cushion past our closing hour to pick up your furry four-legger. If you pick up after hours, there is a $25 fee for this per hour.

We sincerely thank you in advance for understanding our professional protocols. Your patience and cooperation ensures our ability to provide you and your pets with our high standards of professionalism and customer service.

                                            John & Alesia Ray

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