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Hemp Happiness CBD Spa   $12


This spa will help calm while it soothes dry, itchy skin while surrounding the hair follicle with essential fatty acids and preserving existing hydration. This includes hemp shampoo, conditioner, and ends the spa package with CBD/Hemp spritz spray for lasting                                                                                      freshness and enjoyment. Also comes                                                                                with Cannabis Hair Ribbon Bows or                                                                                    Cannabis Bandana.


NEW! All only $5


Fruit Loop Spa Package - Your furry friend will get a fruit loop facial and long lasting spritz spray smelling of your favorite breakfast cereal, fruit loops!


Orange Sherbet Spa Package - Orange Sherbet facial and long lasting spritz spray that amazingly smells like your favorite summer ice cream flavor!


Birthday Cake - Is it your pet's birthday or do you love the smell and flavor of birthday cake? Get this facial and long lasting spritz spray and you won't be disappointed!


Blueberry Spa   $7.50 


Humans get facials, why not dogs? At Doggie Do's they do! Our blueberry spa includes blueberry clove shampoo which brightens, cleans, and removes odors. It's aroma-therapeutic and PH balanced. Following shampoo and conditioner includes the blueberry clove spritz spray that will leave a clean aroma that lasts for weeks and controls odor. Add yours to any grooming service at drop off. 

Twinkle Toes Add On or Walk In Service   $15


Now you can have your princess or prince if he so desires such extra pizazz to get a Twinkle Toes upgrade to include painted nails with glitzy glam glitter toes in your choice of color or combinations! Possibilities are endless...think solids, rainbow, or even Halloween or Christmas colors! For a bold statement that lasts a few weeks! Go bold or go home!

Mellow Pet

New Spa Add On $5

Calming Shampoo upgrade gently cleans ( soap free ) and delivers nutrients to the coat while it helps set your pet at ease. It is formulated with a unique herbal blend to protect, repair, and naturally nourish the skin and coat. Followed up by spritz spray in same fragrance  that binds to the hair follicles for long lasting scent!                              Contains Lavender, Sweet Orange, Clary Sage, and  Marjoram.                                                                                                                 

Now offering Nagayu Spa & Skin Treatments $10


Wonderful benefits for problematic skin including allergy issues, dermatitis, odor, dry skin, warts, and so much more! Coming from the hot springs of Nagayu, Japan infusing oxygen, bicarbonate ions, and hydrogen ions to super clean coat and skin, hydrate, and produce new skin cell growth. Most clients see immediate results and pets go home less itchy, irritated from skin ailments, smelling great, and feel rejuvenated! Just add it on to your pet's grooming package at drop off.

About Us

Doggie Do's Barber Shop is a full-service grooming salon that provides a calm, stress free environment for pets and owners alike. We are cage free and work by appointment only so that your pet gets one-on-one attention for the entire stay.  Retail is available here in our doggie boutique. We offer a variety of items from collars, leads, shampoos, conditioners, grooming tools, toys,  and doggie clothes! We have a Sweet Shoppe here at Doggie Do's Barber Shop where all of our treats have no preservatives or harsh ingredients. All treats are made with human grade ingredients! Come shop with us and bring your pet!

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