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Overnight Stays $29 per suite. Additional dogs 50% off in same suite.

Overnight Boarding- Your $29 inclusive package includes a full day of doggie daycare ( $20 a day for non-boarders ), up to five treats in a 24 hour period ranging in variety from a pre filled Kong toy, Doggie Do's Ice Cream, and Sweet Shoppe cookies, frequent potty breaks, play time outside as weather permits, a Kuranda bed for sleeping, water bowl always filled, lots of one-on-one love, a television kept on overnight for that at home atmosphere, and cameras so that we may see your pet even while they are sleeping. Additional pets in the same family get 50% off their stay in the same suite for the entire stay.(limit 3 pets per suite)


Overnight Boarding Guidelines:

1)All pets must be up to date on shots and proof of this is required at drop off. Bordetella must have been administered in the last 6 months.


2)You must bring food from home in individual servings ( please measure out in ziplock bags or disposable containers ). We would not want your baby's tummy to get upset from a change in diet while you are away. It's always a good idea to send a few extra in case your vacation runs over. If we have to go buy a bag, cost will be applied to your account plus a $10 inconvenience fee.


3)You are more than welcome to bring belongings from home to make your baby feel more secure. Something with your scent on it is always a good idea. Please do not introduce new toys during boarding stays, only toys that you are fully aware work well with your pet. These will be returned at pick up.


4)No female dogs in heat or close to coming into their cycle. If your female is unaltered you will be required to give date of last cycle and sign a release form.


5)All overnight boarders must be existing Doggie Do's clients. If you have not been here in the last six months, you are considered a new client. New clients are required to book and complete a grooming appointment prior to overnight booking and schedule a 2 hour daycare session for observation. This is to maintain that your pet gets along well with others and that there are no seperation anxiety issues which can lead to disruptions.


6)There is a $25 non refundable deposit due at time of reservation per pet.


7) No Sunday drop-offs or pick-ups. We will have an employee maintain the normal duties on Sundays but there will be no daycare on Sundays. We realize if you get home on Sunday at 4 p.m. from a long trip that you miss your pet and wish for nothing more than to spend some time with them but please be respectful of this policy. We don't want our employees to have to work more than is necessary on Sundays because we reserve this day for rest and worship.


8)Drop off's and Pick-ups are between 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 3 p.m.-5 p.m. unless otherwise agreed upon.


9)If you cancel your boarding reservation, please do so at least 3 days in advance so we can fill that spot. If you fail to comply, we will not be able to rebook your pet for boarding and your deposit is forfeited.


10)Feel free to give us a guideline of schedule, meds administered, and play time for your pet so we can make their stay as enjoyable and as much like home as possible. We promise to love your pet as if  it were our own while they stay with us.


Route 66 Room

This suite is approximately 10 x 6 feet furnished with Route 66 art, a Kuranda bed, blankets, pillows, and a rug. Always provided treats and fresh water and don't forget LOTS of love! All of our overnight pups get frequent potty breaks and outside play time in our fenced play yard. They also get a full day of daycare. Treats are provided from the Sweet Shoppe and they even get ice cream! We also have Kong toys for chew-time activities after naps!

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